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uTRACK - gamma radiation GPS tracking system

uTRACK is a radioactivity monitor with an external scintillation probe with high detection efficiency (100cm3). Designed for installation in a car or other means of transport.
The device has a built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver that allows to save radiological parameters on the SD card along with the coordinates, date, time and standard deviation of the measurement.


  • Power supply: 12V / 500mA

  • Detection efficiency of 662keV - 56%

  • Satellite receiver: GLONASS / GPS external coaxial antenna (cable length 1m)

  • External memory port: microSD

  • Recording format: .csv

  • Measurement range: 0.1 - 500uGy / h

  • Background level: ~ 23cps

  • Probe cable length: 3m

The heart of the device is the AVR ATMega1280 microcontroller cooperating with the display, keyboard, GPS receiver, probe and power management system.
The probe is a scintillation block cooperating with a discriminantion branch consisting of: TIA, pulse amplifier, discriminator, DAC and input filter.
The user can view the saved data on the world map by uploading them to the application on our website.
Example data:

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