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About us

In short, we deal with electronics. Electronics that my father gave me was my passion since I was a child. I was also interested in radioactivity and extending my passion in an electronic technical college and in I, II and III (PhD) degree studies.

Now I combine both passions producing analog, digital and programmable electronic devices, as well as radioactivity testing devices.

In creating these devices, I am accompanied by a team of programmers, mechanics and electronics.

We have a research and development laboratory, EMC laboratory, isotope laboratory, CNC numerical machines and a PCB production line at our disposal.

Before Ukraine was at war we were organizing 4x4 trips to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Scientists from the Polish Atomic Energy Agency and enthusiasts participated in them.

We offer:

  • Design and manufacture of nuclear electronics

  • Repair of dosimetry equipment.

  • Design and manufacture of analog, digital and automatic electronic systems. Retail and wholesale quantities.

  • Manufacturing of PCB's + PnP assembly.

  • Sale of customized scintillators, SiPM MPPC.

  • 4x4 trips to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (suspended...)

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